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Coil packaging machine shipments increased by 6 %, to $7.9 billion, in 2013; plus a increase in store-completely ready packaging (RRP) is evolving the position of secondary packaging, based on PACK EXPO operator and maker PMMI, The Relationship for Packaging and Handling Technological innovation.

PMMI introduced the discoveries of their 2014 Status of your Industry: coil Packaging line Machine Deliveries Review (SOTI) and 2014 Supplementary Packaging Consumer Research Research this week at a press briefing conducted on-site at PACK EXPO International and Pharma EXPO 2014.

PMMI member coil packaging machinery producers supplied information for his or her 2013 and 2012 shipments just for this review; overall U.S. coil packaging machinery shipping quotes also integrated forecasted no-fellow member shipments.

“Total U.S. ingestion – a general body that includes imports, domestic and exports shipments – achieved $9 billion in 2013,” says Jorge Izquierdo, v . p ., Industry Improvement, PMMI. “Foods and drinks collectively carry on and account for over 1 / 2 of the shipments. This is certainly consistent in what we have viewed over the past 10 years.”

Whilst SOTI shown a regular overall industry, PMMI’s 2014 Additional Packaging Market Research Study disclosed a vibrant market sector sensing the potency of buyer developments.

When we last conducted this survey, every company we spoke to said they were trying to reduce their costs and improve their sustainability ratings in secondary packaging, and retailers demanded those changes because of consumer preferences “In 2008. In contrast, approximately 50 % of the 2014 review members say they have carried out those modifications and are happy with the final results,” Izquierdo claims.

One of the most obvious tendencies for additional packaging, however, is its function like a store-prepared packaging moderate.

Izquierdo adds, “Retailers are asking for far more shelf exhibit storage containers and consequently, we’re finding additional packaging moving directly from pallet to save shelf.”

Variations in mainwrapper packaging are also driving shifts in second wrapper packaging, the statement information. Food (45 percent) and refreshment (fifty percent) producers noted alterations such as changing versatile packaging and lightweighting main packaging are contributing to the need for stronger support from secondary packaging.

The 2014 review also reveals a lowering of RSC use and corrugated fiberboard supplies, and a rise in the application of recycled material information, overwrapped trays and shrink-twisted patches.

Professional summaries of the two studies can be found with the PMMI sales space (N-4550) around the Grand Concourse and on-line at

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