Horizontal stretch wrapping Finish Fill Cartoner

HORIZONTAL Conclusion LOAD CARTONERS Created To Very last

Our versatile group of horizontal stretch wrapping conclusion fill cartoners are designed for your unique program. All models can be purchased in sporadic or continuous action. Whether or not your operation requires palm-fill or high-speed cartoning machinery, we now have solutions to suit your requirements.

We take pride in ensuring that when your stretch wrapping machine simply leaves our service, it adheres to the best requirements. PMI Cartoning machines are designed to last. Period. . It’s not uncommon to discover some of our cartoners nevertheless operating twenty years following set up.


Over the years, we have now seen and been effective with virtually every cartoning application. We have created a easy equation that ensures the success of every single cartoning machine that leaves our service:

Get started with basics cartoner design

Integrate the newest control technologies

Add our second-to-not one product dealing with encounter


Horizontal stretch wrapping Finish Load Cartoner Model Evaluation

Machines obtainable in various sizes and they are set up to your particular software.

a manufacturer of environmentally friendly stretch wrapping packaging solutions, has brought ISO 9001: 2008

qualification. This accreditation confirms that KLW Plastics has met certain requirements from the ISO normal for

its Quality Control Method over all its manufacturing facilities.

To attain qualification as being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, KLW Plastic materials experienced a comprehensive

evaluation and review of the top quality control activities throughout all areas from the company. These activities

included the development and documentation of any quality management program, inner audits, as well as the

removal of no-conformances through remedial measures.

Certification towards the ISO 9001: 2008 Normal demonstrates KLW Plastics’ unarguable dedication to

supplying consistent, top quality products and services to customers. “Achieving ISO accreditation is actually a

proof of the commitment and hard work from the entire team at KLW Plastic materials,” said Scott Dowrey, Leader

and CEO. “All fellow workers have been committed to our achievement in qualification and dedicated to a steady

development platform to make sure we deliver the best merchandise to the customers each and every time.”

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