FA is a Rotary Turntable In-Range Conveyor Stretch Wrapping System which automatically wraps, discharges and receives Lots inside of program specs. The Standard Program contains one particular Run Infeed Conveyor, 1 Driven Turntable Conveyor then one Powered Exit Conveyor. More Infeed/Exit Conveyor Segments can be added for increased Load build up. The Machine will immediately apply Pre-Stretched Film on the Loads, reduce the Film, clean the Film tail to the Stress, and include the Film for application to another Load. Plenty are immediately sequenced throughout the Conveyors and managed by Photocells and PLC. Many Alternatives are for sale to greatest match this product for your certain software.

The Wrapping machine FA is unique available on the market mainly because it provides Class 2 Protection Rating as standard products, not an alternative. Included in Category 2 Safety Ranking you’ll find complete surround 8 feet great metal fine mesh fencing with interlocked access things in addition to infeed and get out of lighting curtains with digital muting.

Produced in the USA, the PATRIOT’s slim no nonsense characteristic rich style causes it to be the ideal low-end machine. Well suited for reduced quantity production environments, The Patriot may help minimize labour and material costs while improving production productivity as well. The chain powered carriage and turntable and steel welded construction make it one of the more long lasting machines out there.

This machine will come designed with large 85″ greatest cover diagonal and 4,000 lb. load potential, according to a 60″ diameter turntable for low profile machines, and 50″ by 50″ rectangular turntable for high account machines. Not simply is definitely the PATRIOT dependable and rugged, it really is intelligent as well. The PATRIOT arrives equipped with an Allen-Bradley? Micrologix PLC, the premier PLC from the packaging business. Furthermore, using a wide range of turntable and tower alternatives, The PATRIOT may be set up to manage oversized and tall plenty. The PATRIOT is manufactured using quality materials and components in
Wrapping machine’s Stretch wrap focus factory under strict adherence to our lean manufacturing process AM2, as with all
Wrapping machine stretch wrappers.

Call your local
Wrapping machine distributor, and let the PATRIOT stand by you, if you are ready to automate your pallet wrapping process.

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