coil packing equipment


Normal: coil packaging,wrapping

Pressure evaluating coil equipment

Design HE-2000/300


Meet the requirements of EN 98ihy

Assessments 200, 100 and 150 millimeters definite cylinders and cubes approximately 320 x 160 mm diameter

Stress pacing service equipped as standard

Platen managing equipment involve Fhop
specification rectangle-shaped platens.

Provided with Home windows obtain application.

Universal tensile testing coil packaging machine

Concrete compression and flexture tests coil packaging machine

It utilizes totally computer handled and common key-board to input your data. It may quickly conserve and process the data and instantly printing the statement. It offers constant loading level (it is possible to freely set the packing rate) and automated overload safety system. It is mainly used to determine the compressive durability and contra–flex energy from the concrete specimen.

or figuring out the flexural and compressive strength of concrete, stone, brick and other constructing material. It lots hydraulic strain and it is primary given of creating highway and building sector. Your data is instantly output, get in touch with computer as well as simple to function.

Main functions

? Meet the criteria of EN 12390-4 ASTM C39, AASHTO T22

? Tests 200, 100 and 150 mm cement cylinders and cubes as much as 320 by 160 mm size

? Weight pacing premises installed as standard

? Platen dealing with devices consist of BS 6073-1, EN 772-1 requirements rectangle coil packaging machine platens.

? Supplied with House windows obtain computer software.

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