Carton Shutting and Closing in packaging

Technical Requirements

Machine Velocity: Approximately 40 Cartons per minute

Servo Actuation

Easy & Fast dimension modifications

3 firearm warm melt program

HMI panel with touch-screen for ??menu details program?ˉ

Kitchen table Best style

Discharge conveyer for wrapper

Totally suitable for automatic carton erector and loader


Rockwell / Siemens Regulates

Nordson / Preo or Melor Warm burn stick program

Inline and proper perspective release

Changepart or changeable developing resources

At will multiple size dish forming


Auto tray and carton Launching

Automatic carton and tray constructing and launching

Table Requirements

Carton Styles: Wraparound or pizzas style cartons

Materials: Fibre board and fluted corrugate

Fefco Designs: 0406, 0442 styles, typically.

Technical Specification

Speed: Approximately 40 Cartons each minute

Normal Carton Infeed height: 900mm

Normal Carton Outfeed height: 400mm

Test Energy Consumption: 11Kw

Air flow Source: 5.5bar, 1/2?? BSP relationship

Web Excess weight: 500Kg

Particular Elements: Rockwell/Siemens Regulates

Colour: RAL 7035 Greyish

Carton and Situation Shutting down Variations

Adhesive tape

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