Car Travelling bag Robot Palletizer for coil package

Coil pack Car Case Robot Palletizer can pile thecarton and bag, barrel in the pallet automaticlly,space saving,covenient.

New product Vehicle Bag Robot Palletizer

This Intelligent Robert coil Palletizer is widely used in food, Chemical and beveragealcohol, plastic-type material, airconditioner sector ect .Automaticlly stack the carton , and ,encased and bottled products ect on the pallet .the easy composition ,less elements ,accessories help it become effortless servicing and lower routine maintenance price;The Robert coil Palletizer will take a lot less space and a lot more flexiable ,correct in comparison to the standard coil palletizer .each of the management can be carried out on the touch screen of your management box , straightforward functioning will work continuously for many years, lessen plenty of work and labour cost, much more fruitful.

New design Vehicle Handbag Robot coil Palletizer for packaging machine

l Adopts the touchscreen make it simple and easier functioning , the rate ,erro place and reason might be demonstrated on the touch screen ,Higher automation.can enter this system to PLC to manipulate this product orientation,stacking coating amount,vacant pallet dispenser and whole pallet production.

l Safty door ,safty hood are equiqpped with sensor,when the door or hood opens,Robert stops working in order to protect the staffs.

l coil Stacking design can be adjusted easily and conveniently in the touchscreen display ,stable and high-efficiently stacking saves a lot of labor.

l Merchandise infeed process make use of the braking system electric motor handle ,ensure the products might be communicated on the pre-established position.

l The empty pallet dispenser can be designed according to demand for the size and pallet storage number , can feed the empty pallet to the conveyor automaticlly.

New design Auto Travelling bag Robot Palletizer of coil packaging machine

Shanghai coil packaging Machinery Equipment CO.,Ltd, a member of The China Packaging and Food Machinery, can be a specialist manufacture of coil packaging machinery.

Given that launched in 1995,Coil packaging machine has evolved beyond its original position like a mere producer of end-line packing. The corporation has at the same time become an “all-rounded partner” for its consumers, developing beneficial, optimized synergies of mechanized engineering, line-connected experience, approach information and technology technological innovation.

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