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Fowler Goods, driven by Pro Mach, will present at Pack Expo 2014 the Zalkin VS110 – a next technology two-in-a single capping brain for top quality StelVin Lux aluminium closures. The business is additionally showcasing an 800-for each-second 30-brain turret for applying plastic-type screw caps, a half a dozen-turret machine for using light weight aluminum roll-on closures within the red wine market, and several other limit dealing with and promoting alternatives. (Fowler Items Pack Expo Presentation space # N-5306).

The new Zalkin VS110 screw and seal capping head is a two-in-a single answer that lowers capital investment. This solitary-turret machine does the job of twin turrets or two separate machines and for that reason conserves valuable floor space. The brand new VS110 offers design and style advancements that allow a much more sophisticated hysteresis magnet clutch system to get utilized as opposed to a easy opposite magnet clutch system. The hysteresis clutch gives sleek torque and fast tooless realignment of torque. The VS110 also features a a lot more powerful construction than prior technology solutions.

“While premium StelVin Lux light weight aluminum caps signify a little segment of the complete closure market, we are creating the VS110 the focal point of our Pack Expo presentation space to stimulate chats about innovation and innovation’s influence on procedures,” said John Artman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fowler Products. “This stylish answer perfectly illustrates Zalkin’s leadership on a variety of amounts of development.”

The 30-brain turret in the booth provides a situation in level for sturdy, reliable 800-per-minute continuous thread attach limit application. This turret operates several kinds of screw caps and is found in an extensive variety of sectors. Machines with a similar turrets are available at accelerates to 1200 bottles per minute. Magnet clutch higher-speed capping heads provide for repeatable and trustworthy limit program torque. Tough development guarantees longer lasting performance. These turrets can cater to a variety of container types, including cup, PET, polypropylene, and HDPE. This turret comes with a settable leading weight and good gripping limit chucks.

The 6-mind machine for ROPP capping demonstrates the expertise of Fowler Items and Zalkin within this modern technology. In August, for example, Fowler sponsored the next biennial Software Basic principles for Aluminium Closures (AFAC) convention in Athens, Ga. The purpose of both-time occasion, as well as for delivering a ROPP machine to Pack Expo, would be to promote best practices as well as help expand application knowledge for such premium hats, which are increasing in recognition within the wine and mood sectors. The compact waterfall sorter and atmosphere promoting program in the booth have been designed and manufactured by Fowler to supply innovative options for closure sorting and conveying that provide operational overall flexibility and save floor space.

For more information about Fowler/Zalkin higher-velocity capping machinery and Fowler cover feeding and sorting systems, phone 877-549-3301, and visit the Fowler Products web site,

About Expert Mach

Expert Mach is a leading provider of built-in orbital stretch wrapper packaging and processing products and solutions forbeverage and food, consumer goods, prescription drug, as well as other different organizations. Via numerous brand names, Professional Mach offers product orbital stretch wrapper packaging and processing equipment, PMMI licensed instructors,parts and installation, and repair in Bottling & Capping, Main orbital stretch wrapper packaging, Flexible orbital stretch wrapper packaging, Substance Dealing with, Recognition And Monitoring, and Finish of Series orbital stretch wrapper packaging.

Pro Mach features a different client base, from Fortune 500 organizations to smaller, privately-organised companies around the world, which rely on dependable, adaptable, technically innovative gear and built-in alternatives. Professional Mach is headquartered in close proximity to Cincinnati, Ohio with manufacturing facilities and offices throughout the UnitedCanada and States, and The european union.

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