Appropriate for the wrap packaging

Applicable for the packaging of candy, bread and cakes snack food items and many different other essential items packaging folding and clipping. Packaging for your fan-beautiful, shape and luxury.

The ZK-200 Fan-form pc cutting machine is magnificently designed, that features a small location, simple to shift, use only compress atmosphere to get, and lots of other features.

Technological variables

Pressure: .5PM/cm2

Packaging capacity: ≤40r. P. M

Package deal dimensions: Width≤200mm

Kink band thickness: 4mm(or 8mm)PET or Pvc material

Equipment dimension: 550*520*550mm

Devices bodyweight: 68kgs

Incredibly effective, substantial energy, low noises, very easy to maintain, and contains long life period.

Curler temperature sealing, four part seal off, high speed multi-lane orbital stretch wrapper packaging, with totes approaching smoothly and great, high orbital stretch wrapper packaging performance.

Very easy to change, accurate in dimension, needs a easy treatment for pouch length realignment without having altering the form. Capabilities could be regulated for longitudinal closing, transverse sealing, filling, degree reducing, longitudinal cutting, bone fracture line producing, and transverse slicing with the innovative modern technology of our own guy-machine interface.

Accurate in web page correcting, automated counting, photoelectric monitoring product is adopted to be sure the auto fixing of double encounter publishing design on the orbital stretch wrapper packaging hand bags, precise in keeping track of.

It provides trustworthy performance, convenient to run and very automated. A PLC is used for automated control and a regularity changer helps make velocity adjusting even easier.

Applicable to a wide range of use, Suitable for a lot of the intricate film orbital stretch wrapper packaging substance.


It is actually Ideal for orbital stretch wrapper packaging granule supplies in the pharmacy, food and agriculture and everyday sectors. Including soup, coffee, sugar, salt, seeds and oatmeal instant drinks etc.

Primary technological parameter: Cool water group (self-provided)

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