Over the past 20 years, Generica company has been dedicated to packaging industry. Our core business is the design optimization of packing machine head and strapping tools and related equipment and spare parts production.
We are a global company. Our goal is to the depth of the development of the past by the original manufacturer monopoly products. After re optimizing the design of our products, validated in our partners, finally provides the user with the most cost-effective products.
Generica the company’s future development goals will be industry experts carefully selected products to the absolute advantage of price for a global industry users. We will achieve our goal by rigorous style of the team and the potential market.
At the same time, even some of the original horizontal stretch wrapper manufacturers also began to learn from our mode of operation efficiency, unique way such as our quick response time and made an inquiry by the online mall.
1 using the feeding, open box, into the box, glue, box sealing, batch number, form of packaging waste rejection, compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment;
2 servo / step motor, touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine interface display the operation more simple and clear, high degree of automation, more humane;
3 the use of automatic detection and tracking system of photoelectric eye, not empty bag in box, save packing materials to the utmost extent;
4, packaging range, convenient regulation, between various size specifications can realize fast conversion;
5, specification change without changing mould, simply adjusting can be realized;
6, use items, boxing is not in place, the automatic shutdown and main drive motor overload protection device, is more safe and reliable;
7, according to customer requirements, using upward safety protection cover, convenient operation, beautiful appearance.
8, to realize linkage production with plastic packaging machine, pillow packing machine, three-dimensional packing machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, spurts the code machine, the online weighing apparatus, and other production lines and other equipment;
9, according to the packaging design requirements of the various automatic feeders and box system; 10
10, can according to the customer request matching hot melt glue machine uses the hot melt adhesive glue box sealing and mechanical brush glue seal box.

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