Shrink Wrap In Operation Cost

Perhaps you did not find that packaging has an important position in the production process and constitutes the latest stage of production. It is often overlooked that there are serious losses in this process. Although you have serious knowledge and experience in the production of products, you do not give the necessary attention to packaging. More unfortunately, you are not sensitive for the calculation of labor-related and quality-related losses in packaging.

From textiles to stationery, from food to automobiles, there are broad prospects of shrink packaging. Unipolar shrinking machines have always provided temporary solutions for small and medium enterprises. However, there is still a certain difference between such a machine and the industrial solution. This is also the general consensus of the entire industrial packaging industry.

Introducing a packaging machine that meets your needs is an important measure to solve the above problems. From the perspective of a company’s input and cost calculation, the shrinking machine is a long-term investment project, and the membrane is a commercial expenditure. What you and we are reluctant to see is the failure of double investment on low-quality packaging machines and films. In order to avoid this problem, as a shrink machine that is bought only once, it should be taken care to maximize the potential of the film.

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Importance of Shrink Packaging

Nowadays, shrink packaging has become a more mature product in foreign trade. The application of the servo system widely appears in people’s daily life. The development of science and technology has enabled software and hardware to breed sophisticated and complex products in order to adapt and increase people’s growing consumer demand and life needs.It has long been mechatronics, and the transformation of mechanical design concepts and program applications can be realized at an extremely fast speed. The shrink packaging machine is not only the machine design itself but also the actual application. These are the situations that the shrink machine designer must think of and solve. It can be said that the project design department is the most important and tense department in the entire shrink machine work process.

FHOPE is not only an excellent manufacturer of wrapping machines, but also provides good shrinking machine to help customers. The key to production efficiency is the speed of product packaging and how many products need shrink packaging. This answer is reflected in the productivity of the workshop and the production costs of the department. Although the industrial scale and production infrastructure have been gradually developed, and the profit margin of products has declined, manufacturers have adopted strict production facility control measures to reduce production costs and recalculate production efficiency. This is where the packaging efficiency is outstanding.

Choosing the Right Shrink Film and Shrink Machine

Right shrink film


Only the correct film can perform the function of the shrinking machine. The right shrinking film means the right specifications and the proper quality. The film size is determined by the size of the product. A film that is too small cannot wrap around the product. A film that is too large can easily cause film wasting and get bad shrinking performance. The quality of the shrink film takes a obvious role in the first stage of film bagging and the second stage of heating. A good film is not sticky to the cutter and is easy cut off. Bad quality film is easy to destroy the shrinkage effect. Right shrink film can reduce the precision requirement of the sealing machine performance and heating tunnel.

Right shrink machine

At same time, right shrink machine has the ability of reducing the other workloads. Right shrink machine means high qualified sealing machine and heating tunnel. But this is only theoretically conjectured and there are certain difficulties and risks in actual operation. Especially by purchasing high prices film to make up for the lack of machinery and equipment, the total contraction cost will be increased by increasing the film cost without using the machine cost.

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L-welding and Continuous Sealer for Shrink Packaging Machines


  1. L-welding shrink machine

For the first time shrinking of a new film roll, it needs to close one side by manual machine operation for cutting the side. Secondly, the two sides are to be closed by a special moving cutting device. With the assistance of the L-shaped cutter, the product is closed fully around. For the second shrinking, a side is closed by the first shrinking process, other two sides are held tightly by the jaw and the process is repeated in cycle automatically. The machine goes well with the film bagging and shrinking.

2. Continuous Sealer Shrink Machine

Same as the L-bar shrinking machine, three sides of the film are to be closed, and a side is folded itself. The film cutter is continuous for sealing by a sewing machine roll from the upstream. That is to say that the film passes through the sewing roll like water flow, so that sealing is infinitely to make sure in the length of the product. The left side is to seal by a vertical moving cutter with one-way welding. The products are transported on the belt when shaking or acceleration, the continuous sealer machine won’t be the hard stop and has separate speed.

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Brief Introduction of Shrink Machine

Generally, goods packaging with shrink wrap is designed to the product with heating method. Shrinking machine usually has been performed with varieties of standards. For an instance, shrink film enters the packaging machine in the form of a film roll so that the machine has a special device for the shrinking film roll. The two layers of shrinking film are open on the framer with a center folded mark. Based on this film former design, the product to be packaged is conveyed matching with the speed of the film feeding-in from a side, and then entered into the folding center of the film. The film completes wrapping surrounding the product and is still placed on the folded line, other three sides film are coming with the welding process.

Commonly speaking, the shrinking machine has two types based on the film folded and welding way. One side of the film is folded by itself, other three sides are open. According to the different treatment of the film cutting, different machines are come out and corresponding different applications are produced.

  1. L-Bar shrinking machine (also called L-shaped, L-cutting, L-welding, L-sewing)
  2. Side sealing machine ( know as countinous sealer or side sealer)

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PVC shrink wrap for shrinking machine

PVC wrap films adopt vinyl PVC resin mixed with several auxiliary materials to expand and expand for the second time. It is characterized by short, good, easy to shrink, high strength, shrinkage rate and non-perishable can be adjusted freely according to user needs, attractive colors and prints in wide range, strong operability! It’s available for shrink with low temperature, and expand when cooling down. PVC film is optional for printing client’s logo, brand name on it for marketability. It will take qualified packing on products for company awareness activity.

PVC film is so popular in all purposes and is proved to wide undulations and strong resistance for texture in flexible, smooth and soft even under extremely severe weather and harsh climatic conditions. Like, covering boats, cars in winter, very low temperature, PVC film can bear the weather to protect them perfectly. It’s often coming in UV protection for preventing damage from UV ray, which meets customer’s more needs.

PVC film is manufactured into different sizes for customer’s various packing needs and the price is also based on its quality of glossiness and clarity.

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POF shrink wrap for shrinking machine

Shrinking machine can wrap all purpose package. Case, box, profile, frame, door, board, toy, CD are available for shrink film. Why shrinking film can wrap so many items? This is what we talk today. The characteristics and composition of the shrinking film determine its destiny as suitable film for the shrinking machine.

The full name of POF is multi-layer co-extrusion heat-shrinkable film. It uses linear low-density polyethylene as the middle layer (LLDPE) and co-polypropylene (PP) as the inner and outer layers. It is plasticized and extruded through three extruders. It is processed by special processes such as die head forming and film bubble inflation. It’s more glossily than PVC film with crystal look. The food industry commonly takes POF film wrap. It also has special types for various functions, like anti-fog, perforated and cryogenic.

POF uses a special process to squeeze the inner, outer and outer layers together, and the supported shrink film has high transparency, high shrinkage and good heat sealing performance. It also has all the advantages and advantages of polyethylene and polypropylene, and its excellent performance is far from It is far superior to pure PE and PP films, and it is an environmentally friendly recyclable shrink film widely used internationally and recognized by the European and American markets. POF shrink film has high surface gloss and good toughness. It has large tear strength, uniform heat shrinkage, and is suitable for automatic tell packaging. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

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What is shrinking package?

Since the development of human society, there are all kinds of packaging methods. From the ancient plant leaf packaging or naked packaging, to paper wrap and then to the emergence of chemical materials, the change in packaging method is a history of human technological advancement. Today, shrink packaging has developed into the most significant and most popular packaging method. The characteristics of high quality, cheapness and strong applicability have become the brightest star in the packaging field. Therefore, shrinkage is suitable for almost all uses, and the products that can be wrapped are diverse. It goes without saying that shrink packaging occupies an important and significant part in industrial production. The shrink machine is simple in design and compact in appearance, so the space used is also the smallest, it occupies a smaller area and is more suitable for workshops and commercial places. It can be used for other economic activities and production activities save more activity space.

What’s common packing material in shrinking?

Mainly PVC, POF shrinking material. The operator should choose the correct film to maximize the packaging efficiency of the shrink machine. Generally, PVC wrap is most common used and cheaper than POF wrap as packing material cost, which it’s available for purchasing in the market nearby and easily found online.

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Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (B) for automatic side seal shrinking machine

In the previous post, L-Bar shrinking machine was introduced. This time we continue to talk about how to choose the correct shrinking machine. Side seal shrinking machine has unparalleled advantages of the L-Bar shrinking machine, which is called the most advanced shrinking machine.

Side seal shrinking machine,

The same as the forming mechanism of the L-Bar telescopic machine, one side of the film is folded by the forming machine and the other three sides are open, which needs to pass through the cutting knife to form a closed bag. The cutting knife structure of the sealing machine is unique. The vertical blades of the upper and lower movable parts are fixed on the machine and are not movable parts. The film is carried out by rollers. The length of the product is not limited. Continuous cutting is completed by the horizontal knife.

The continuous operation of the cutter system closely cooperates with the speed of the product conveyor line, and the continuous cutter movement is completed during continuous transportation, which increases the degree of automation.

Therefore, the limit of the length of the product that the side sealing machine does not convey has more practical mechanical significance and value. In addition to selecting the correct shrink machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct shrink film. There are two main points: an appropriate film size, and the quality of the film. Both through continuous cutting, and adaptation to the shrink tunnel

The correct machine and the correct film selection can exert the maximum energy and utilization rate of the shrinking machine.

Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (A)

For machine users, choosing right shrinking material and right machine, is the most important.

After all, the purchase of machinery is not a small expense. The packaging machine is self-evident for the final circulation of the entire product and the value obtained. The correct machine can bring good long-term profits and company image. Bringing in incorrect shrinking machine, is inconvenient for operation and poor user experience, even sometimes it is not possible to use products that are not equipped with oneself, resulting in a waste of resources and an increase in operating costs.


We can use an experiment to illustrate the use of two different shrinking methods.

One method, L-Bar shrinking

Another method, Side sealing

L-Bar shrinking machine,

Before automatic running, it needs to close one side film manual to form a sewing, while adjacent side folded by the film frame. The other two sides will be cutting by L-Bar mechanical structure to close the film for a full bag. One bag finishes, next product has a sewing side naturally, and L-shaped cutter resume automatically waiting for next welding. This process is constant circulation. This is the working principle and action principle of L-Bar jaw.

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