Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

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Semiauto horizontal wrapper

  • Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine  S300Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S300The semiauto orbital stretch wrapper is able work with paper,woven, knit belt and stretch film spiral wrapping for aluminum, profile, timber, furniture…The rotating speed upto 100R per minute. The conveyor can be roller table or PVC table per different packing requirement….
  • Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S200Semiauto horizontal orbital wrapping machine S200lThe machine can be connect with the production line for automatic operation. lDouble-ring double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable energetic. lPLC HMI are adopted. lPhotocell sensor is adopted for setting packing positionautomatically. lIndicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automa…
  • Semi auto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper S100Semi auto horizontal orbital stretch wrapper S100Such a semi auto orbital wrapping machine have a very good price. The machine have infeeding and out feeding conveyor, supportive roller and packing material roll. It makes machine support different packing process…

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper

  • E2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE2400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe big ring orbital packing machine for big objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel,pallet… The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection. Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging mater…
  • E1800 Horizontal orbital stretch wrapperE1800 Horizontal orbital stretch wrapperAutomatic stretch wrapper For Wide object packaging, such as: Door, window, panel, board, sheet… There are different device and designing special for features of your package, such as press down device for holding the light package, consistence tension control make machine both for small and big package……
  • E1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machine is the most popular one for door, MDF board, sandwich panel wrapping. With centering entry conveyor and automatic positioning function, the package go to orbital wrapper and stop position is adjustable. Packing material size can be width 500mm. Pre-stretch film packing is available……
  • E1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE1000 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineorbital ring stretch wrapper & film wrapping machine:we are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD….
  • E600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE600 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineSpiral wrapping machine & orbital wrapper manufacturer:The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Providing local customer service with installation and commissioning….
  • E500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapperE500 horizontal wrapping machine&stretch wrapperAutomatic horizontal spiral wrapping machine works for long shape products with OD<500mm. It was designed to used to match a variety of packaging goal and handling situations.The option film sealing and covering device can be add to the wrapper for full sides packaging. The ring turning speed upto 90r/mim….
  • E400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE400 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineHorizontal ring stretch wrapping machine E400 with 2mx2 conveyor and two press down device and modular structure.The machine covered with guide to protect the operation in wrapping. It is EU strand orbital wrapper for styles packages.The machine is able do packing quickly, securely, and economically for your products in seconds….
  • E300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE300 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe top popular horizontal wrapper in the market. Because of it is able wrapping the small package too. So that for many bundle, profile, board, only one E300 orbital wrapper is able wrapping the package from OD:50-300mm. Different length conveyor and film tail treating device can be an option for high efficiency packaging.It wor…
  • E200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE200 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThe orbital wrapper suitable for long products such as pipe bundle and panels. It is able wrapping the motor on tray, timber wooden…The E200 can be equipped with different options for packaging goal. It possibility to equipped special press unit for protecting the packaging in wrapping without damage the surface….
  • E100 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineE100 Horizontal stretch wrapping machineThis is a kind of small ring automatic horizontal stretch wrapper. It apply with PE, woven, stretch film, paper for aluminum profile, copper sheet wrapping…The machine with program control to help non skill ed operator easy operation and handling the package in high speed….

Customize orbital wrapper

  • Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachinePipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineThe orbital wrapping machine is mainly for steel tube bundle stretch film and paper packing. It can be installing and running easily by Non-technical or technical personnel in one hour or less. The film width is 500mm by stretch. …
  • Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and barHorizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine for rod and barThe orbital wrapping machine for rod is fitted with vertical support rollers designed to maintain the package during formation and transport. The machine designed with vertical support rollers are pneumatically adjusted to the correct size of the package being formed….
  • Aluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineAluminum Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineAluminum packaging machine,aluminum profile wrapper is for the transport of the profiles in and out of the sub-bundle wrapping machine. The infeed roller table is outfitted with centering rollers to maintain the profiles centered on the roller table prior to entering the wrapping machine. …
  • Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineProfile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping MachineProfile orbital wrapping machine with high speed wrapping which can make manual packaging completely eliminated.The most important thing is security, which is very important for the wrapper to provide user security. …
  • Spiral Orbital WrapperSpiral Orbital WrapperBy FHOPE Spiral wrapping machine,spiral wrapper, you will get protected during transportation ,after effectively unitizing the pallet by stretch wrapped.And we have listed the adavantages for you as below….
  • Horizontal Ring Stretch wrapperHorizontal Ring Stretch wrapperThe orbital stretch wrapper has a proven history of developing distinctive machines wrapping and innovative options to satisfy, to easy operation, for save money…It was use to wrapping the product load on pallet too….
  • Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for palletHorizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine for palletPanel horizontal orbital wrapper provides solution for automatic wooden panel in feeding and pallet wrapping. This is a machine helps to reduce labor costs. Chinese supplier of wooden packaging machine Fhope…
  • Horizontal Orbital Stretch WrapperHorizontal Orbital Stretch WrapperThis is an orbital packaging packaging solution produced by China’s horizontal orbital stretch packaging design company, which is used to long shape package such MDF panel,fibreboard,aluminum… to reduce labor costs. Chinese supplier Fhope…
  • Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feedingHorizontal orbital stretch wrapper with wooden feedingThe automatic orbital wrapping machine is able feeding the timber block, spacer at top&bottom of the bundle and wrapping tightly with stretch film.The machine can be used in packing bars, stainless steel tube, aluminum, profile……
  • Furniture stretch wrapping machineFurniture stretch wrapping machineFurniture wrapping machine and packing machine for kitchen door, kitchen glass window, sofa, chest packaging. The solution is able protect the package with good tension and whole sides covered packaging. Designing according the furniture specification is available tool…






horizontal stretch wrapper manufacturer in China TOP3


1. Fhope packaging machine co.,ltd.

There are provided all kind of orbital wrapper for long shape package.

You can have customized horizontal stretch wrapper solution from their technical team for free.



The above video is the solution for aluminum bundle, tube bundle packaging. Their factory locate at SHANGHAI.

They are mainly for economic stretch wrapper solution. You can have more information from


3.  Lupacking


One of company do business in horizontal orbital stretch wrapper very early. Comparing to another competitor their mainly in domestic market. And the small wrapper is the advantage.




The horizontal orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machine is designed for the straight objects. It has a proven record of success in many industries such as profiled product, tubular product and plank stuff etc. The horizontal machine is used for the steel pipe packaging, Aluminum section packaging, Window &door wrapping, Rod packaging, panel packaging…

That is with highly speed and efficient equipment for your packaging

solution. The Horizontal orbital wrapping machine installed by Fhope are fully manufactured and designed within one of many a few manufacturing sites. The company’s authority in the markets is launched on scientific belongings: knowledge of wrapping, the complementarily of motion, the opportunity to manage turnkey finishes of series adding capabilities like stacking, conveying, wrapping, strapping, the ability to suggest options in any way generation rates of speed lastly admiration for that items and the quality of the finished product packaging.


Pipe Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-F Series

Rod Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-G Series

Aluminum Horizontal Orbital wrapping Machine

FHOPE-H Series

Profile Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

FHOPE-E series

Spiral Orbital Wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal Ring stretch wrapper

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

FHOPE-F Series

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

1.Protect the package and eliminate damage

Using the Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring type wrapping machine, LLDPE stretch film is extended as it is applied and packing requirement. Once stretch film is around the package, it contracts and enclose just like a rubber band, to keep the compression and stake package together. It prevents harm to colored, highly polished surfaces requirement which safeguard the items in transition. Avoid the requirement of interleaved buffer materials.

2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。

We can provide the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine solution for your needs, no matter how small or large the amount of supplies to be wrapped. The Go across Wrap bale, horizontal orbital wrapper/wrapping machine are appropriate for all commercial rectangular balers, door, profile, pipe bundle, board… Because of the modular structure, the Go across Cover covering collections can easily cover a variety of bale styles and volumes. Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is able to connect with infeed conveyor for automatic loading. Both manually operation or be a part of internal production line are available. The package load is automatically transferred throughout the wrapping station where expand film is used. Our persistence for customer service and extended service durability in our horizontal stretch wrappers and orbital stretch wrappers continues to be proven by lots of loyal clients sticking around on the very long time.


We are offering automatic wrapper with different ring size for package with different OD as long as customize solution per your packaging goal. Following are some orbital stretch wrappers designed for wrap load Package OD.

orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

      Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor

film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine

       Film Carriage

Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

For long shape small objects packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

There are several type economic stretch wrapper which is able do do high speed stretch automatic s packaging for your products. And it is able connects to your conveyor for automatic online packaging.

 door orbital wrapping machine

Automatic stretch wrapper For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board, sheet…

There are different device and designing special for features of your package, such as press down device for holding the light package, consistence tension control make machine both for small and big package…

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

The conveyor is changeable per different weigh and package. Roller conveyor covered with PU for package surface protection.

Fork man loading position for easy handling. Different packaging material available for durable packaging requirement.

 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors… There are bubble film covering device (option) for full size packaging requirement. Au

automatic sealer for cutting the film, even paper…

The article copy from :

orbital stretch wrapper

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper for panel and profile

Orbital stretch wrapper and orbital wrapping machine
Orbital stretch wrapper

I am interested in purchasing your Coil Wrapping Machine for Steel Wire model FPW-600.

I am presently in Beijing staying in Beijing Whuhuan Hotel located at 15 Dong San Huan South Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing. Tel.

My Chinese mobile number15021705930.

I am flying back to India on 10th June.

I would like to meet you and see a running orbital stretch wrapper machine for wire coil wrapping.

Would it be convenient for you to meet me on 9th Saturday as tomorrow I am going to Anping county.

Please inform me details and catalogue.

Warm Regards,

Umesh Agarwal,


We are producing special film with applications in the steel industry.
Do you have dealers in Europe?
We have a few projects with inquiries for machinery.


It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business relationship with you. Our existing product is polyethylene.

Billion Chemical Co.,Ltd is a factory specialized in chemical industry. For more information, you can consult our website.

1.Product name: polyethylene

2.CAS No.:9002-88-40

3.Package : as per your request; or 25kg/bag

4.Loading quantity: 20’FCL, 20Tons/FCL

5.Payment: T/T

6.Quotation:USD17400/Ton FOB Qingdao, China; adjustable with your purchasing quantity.

Hope to hear good news from you. Have a nice day!

Best regards!



coil packaging line

The entire slitting steel coil packaging line

coil packaging line
coil packaging line
COIL packing line, coil packaging solution
coil packaging line for steel coil.wire, cooper, hose


Basic technological variables for coil packaging line:

1.1 Relevant substance:

(1) cold / very hot rolled co2 metal (δb≤520MPa,δs≤345MPa)

(2) Fullness of metallic strip: .3-1.0mm

(3) Size of steel strip: 25-80mm

(4) Coil I.D.: Φ350-Φ450mm

(5) Coil O.D.: Φ600-Φ1000mm

(6) Max. coil bodyweight: 800kg

1.2 Dimension selection of done tube:

(1) O.D.: Φ8-Φ25mm

(2) Wall thickness: .3-1.0mm (sq . pipe≤0.8mm)

(3) Size: 4-8m

1.3 Procedure flow:

Metal coil→ decoiling → shearing and butt welding →accumulating → non-energy progressing →forming →high-regularity welding → deburring→ cooling → sizing →straightening → fixed length cutting → delivering

1.4 Line pace: 20-100m/minutes

1.5 Substantial-regularity strength: strong status 100 kW

1.6 Complete line flooring area: L×W=30 × 4.5 m

1.7 Set up ability:

a. Engine power: 30kW 7.5kW 4kW 1.5kW 2.2kW =45.2 kW

b. High consistency welder: strong state 100 kW

1.8 Power source: AC 3-380V / 50Hz

2. Intro of main components:

2.1 Decoiler: Increase-part 360o rotary manual growth, which make sure steel coil providing alternatively to make metallic strip entering accumulator freely.

2.2 Shear and butt welder: Which ensure 2 coil metallic strips shearing tidily and then welding collectively.

2.3 Accumulator and steel coil packaging line:

(1) Structure: Cage-kind metallic welded framework with auto providing system.

(2) Changing technique: Guide spiral adjusting.

(3) Amassing quantity: 150-300m.

2.4 welding, sizing and Forming unit:

(1) Supply leveler:

Sort: 7 inactive questing rollers for leveling metal strip to really make it getting into roll developing device properly.

Side information curler: 1 match

(2) Roll forming gadget:

Roll-developing steel control and strip weld seam.

a. Horizontal roller stay:

Amount: 8

Structure: steel throwing, double gantry frame, part curler changing

Horizontal roller shaft diameter: Φ36mm, substance: 40Cr

b. Straight curler stay:

Amount: 9

Type: Unaggressive rotation

Diameter of vertical curler shaft: Φ20mm, material: 45# metal

c. Sub-driven equipment package

Quantity: 8

Framework: Spiral bevel items, cylindrical items and steel coil packaging line

Substance: outer shell: QT50, Spiral bevel gear: 20CrMnTi, cylindrical equipment: 40Cr, feedback And production shaft: 40Cr

Power transmission: 16 personal computers of cardan shaft

(3) squeezing, welding and Guiding deburring gadget:

a. 1 list of information roll stand for handling weld seam path

b. 2 groups of contracting roll represent handling weld seam to realize qualified welding.

c. 2 sets of deburring frame for deburring the outside weld seam

(4) 1 set of chilling drinking water reservoir: duration 500mm.

(5) Sizing device:

Fine shaping and control dimensions precision right after welding. Each and every 6 groups of horizontal roll remain, top to bottom roll stay and sub-powered gearbox, 12 personal computers of cardan shafts. (Same structure as creating product)

(6) Straightening device:

Sort: Turk’s head sort, 2 rolls × 2 units

(7) Principal traveling method:

a. Primary electric motor: Z4 collection DC 30 kW 1 set

b. Principal reducer: ZLY160 4-out shafts 1 established


The entire slitting coil packaging machinery

eries Directly Seam High Regularity Metallic erw tube mill lines are employed to produce welded steel pipes of diameter range from Φ7mm-Φ219mm, wall fullness range .2mm-8.0mm.

Also, they are used to generate profiled pipes within the limit of processing circular pipes, including the sq . water lines,rectangular water lines, oval pipes,and so on.

Right after absorbing advanced pipe producing technology from equally abroad and domestic, our impressive designed manufacturing line is not only affordable but also practical.

state higher-regularity tube production line was created to generate welded plumbing as well as square and rectangle-shaped plumbing and established sections of the corresponding size. The merchandise comply with BS/ASTM Regular. Taking on the advantages of the machine the exact same type both at home and overseas, every component of the production line is designed with new suggestions. The effective use of Germany technology is PLC automatic manage program. It really is English Eurotherm electronic digital speed regulating unit assure the creation line operates dependably and functions and principal tams very easily. Becoming the very best within the stare, the development line can also rival the sophisticated ones on the planet.

This is milling herb will be the center to consecutively type and weld the slit strips in horizontal course for that desirable dimension.

Slitting coil packing Machinery is named with KJS computer code with work stations for uncoiling, slitting cut and moving. It contains feeding trolley, helping support, straigntener, decoiler and pincher slitting cutter, edging machine, tensional machine, recoiler machine, and getting devices, hydraulic system and so forth.

The whole slitting coil packaging machinery is controlled by PLC with computer display. We mostly utilize pc-management method of brand names Baumueller, Delta, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and Siemens and Schneider.

This slitting machinery will help you to improve effectiveness, more affordable and make certain top quality.

KJS has received large market using its good performance and low price. The fullness of substance can be from .15MM to 16MM, thickness from 600MM to 2500MM, volume from 6 to 30 pieces, highest preciseness ±0.05MM and pace 200M/min.


pipe making and steel tube packing machine


carbon metallic higher-frequency welding square pipe making machine

round water pipe: 7mm to 219mm

heavy: .2-8.0mm

speed: 15-40m/min

1. co2 metallic higher-regularity welding sq pipe producing steel tube packing machine

Strong status high-consistency pipe creation line is designed to create welded pipes along with sq . and rectangle-shaped plumbing and established parts of the corresponding dimension. These products comply with BS/ASTM Normal. Adopting the advantages of the machine the exact same type both at home and in another country, each part of the development line was created with new suggestions. The use of Germany technologies is PLC automatic control program. It is actually British Eurotherm digital velocity regulating device ensure that the manufacturing line works easily and works and primary tams easily. Getting the very best within the look, the development line may also rival the advanced ones on earth.

This can be milling plant will be the facility to consecutively develop and weld the slit strips in horizontal path for that appealing dimension. It is making use of higher frequency induction product to mill and minimize to pipe.

jime machine Minimal is a TaiWan and Oriental technical company manufacturer with Japanese technology to create steel coil minimize to length line ,slitting line ,Substantial Consistency pipe mill machine,feeder machine .We possessed National substantial and new modern technology company with 33 patents and cerebral house legal rights during the last 18 many years.welcome to kingjimemachine because they!


Dependable provider Steel tube packing machine

Totally and semi automated

-Energy saving and work utilization

-Creating good quality pulp containers

– Dependable dealer

Details of machine line

According to your requirements, such as egg trays, dishes , egg cartons, boxes, apple trays, fruit trays, industrial trays, seeding trays etc, pulp molding machine uses waste paper as raw material to produce different kinds of paper products.

Our machine consist of pulp making method ,creating program and drying out method. This can be a complete machine line for you to work.

The merchandise created by our machine are up to the environment requirements.

Welcome you to the factory so we can operate automatic steel tube packing machine line on the spot to suit your needs.

Polyethylene foam page(film),also known as as pearl natural cotton, is a type of new-sort packing material with all the features of dampproof, shockproof, sound insulation, warmth preservation and great plasticity. It is really an ideal substitute of conventional automatic steel tube packing machine and components and utilized widely within the packing of electronic digital product, glass, commodity and pottery electric home appliances,furniture and spraying, computer hardware merchandise, stuffed toy, etc.


1. Attach barrel and bolt substance

38CrMoAlA nitrogen treatment

2. Primary engine type

A few-period asynchronous electric motor with frequency converter

3. Velocity reducer

Extruder devoted reducer,hard teeth area,high torque,and lower noises

4. Heater

Cast aluminium water heater, solid-status communicate contactless output, smart heat control manage temperatures

5. Cooling down sort

Circulating normal water cooling down,auto by-pass system.


Qualities:Steel tube packing machine


You can use it to pack fluid item including milk products ,juice, ketchup ,mixture,shampoo and detergent, softener etc. up to 1000ml.


The automatic steel tube packing machine can automated finish off bagforming and filling, easy rip level producing, print day, finished handbag discharged. Reclosable zipper, nitrogen eliminating, special case Round, hole and shape part punching are optionally available.


1) simple and fast realignment of alter above, the machine has durability extensibility, could load two or maybe more products into a single handbag by added filling up product .

2) smooth efficiency and lower noise, perfect package deal physical appearance, Smart security unit and no air pollution throughout manufacturing to obtain Warm and friendly operating surroundings

1. Featured with small construction , secure , easy to operate and easy to keep .

2. Embrace programmable control program , very large touch-screen

3. Servo film conveyer system is showcased with correct placing , nice looking .

4. Finish off instantly all procedures , from calculating , satisfying , bag making , date-printing and finished merchandise conveyance.

5. According to custome, turn-out function for single bag or several linked bags is available r

condition .

Creation Launch

Ovum Tray Machine (pulp moulding machine) uses waste paper as uncooked substance also it can create different kinds of products based on your requirements,such as egg cell trays/recipes ,egg cartons/bins,fresh fruits trays,commercial containers,seeding trays and little products deals ,and so forth. These products made by our automatic steel tube packing machine are up to the environment specifications.

Our machine we supply is really a whole machine creation line from pulp creating program ,creating system and drying program.

A few of the Positive aspects

1.the machine is easy to operate really is ecological protection only require a tiny work shop

4.making use is great, you just change the mould , you can get all kinds of trays has a little invest



1.What kinds of machines do you produce?

We create

(1)pulp moulding machines,egg dish machines,ovum automatic steel tube packing packing machines,egg cell box/carton machines,fresh fruit holder machines,industrial machines, seeding holder machines .as well as the whole production line etc

(2)all kinds of moulds ,like ovum dish moulds,egg cell container/carton moulds, fresh fruit dish moulds,seeding tray moulds,commercial moulds etc.

(3)drying line

2.What capacity hourly would you offer you ?

Our machines’ capability originates from 3000-6000pcs/hr.

3.Do your product or service have a warranty ?

Indeed , we now have twelve months warrantee according the worldwide practice.

4.Can One modify this type of merchandise from your factory?

Yes ,we provide customized-created company to our clients, you have to provide us some examples,including pictures,dimensions and so on.

5.Could you produce a small value?

Indeed,we are the producer, on the exact same time we ensure the high quality, we provides you with a lesser cost.

6.How you can set up?

The seller dispatches designers to buyer’s factory. Buyer ought to help set up, Seller accounts for installment, training and testing for thirty days, the customer need to make sure the safety from the engineers


Attributes:Horizontal packing machine

You can use it to pack water product including milk ,liquid, ketchup ,paste, shampoo or conditioner,detergent and so forth. as much as 1000ml by altering filling up product.


The machine can instantly complete casefilling and forming, easy rip level producing, printing day, done bag discharged. Reclosable zipper, spout , nitrogen eliminating, distinctive handbag form ,Round and hole area punching are optionally available.


Case developing— Handbag condition creating–spout placing(optionally available) –filling up item –easy tear degree(optionally available)–stamping time–closing

C420 auto natural powder horizontal stretchwrapper packing machine method is really ideal for calculating the natural powder materials .



1. PLC computer management system. PLC from Siemens

2. Large feel From Tai wan . Simple to run and manage the machine

3. Substantial preciseness positioning with servo film carrying system .

4. warn protection functionality

5. the machine will immediately full all coil packaging processes from measuring, feeding and filling

Printing , done handbag .

6. Just how of bag producing: the machine can make pillow type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements. Punching opening handbag & hook up 5-12 totes etc .

S-420 Huge top to bottom automated packaging machine

I.The range of packaging

Its appropriate to use in packing our prime precision as well as simple vulnerable substance , including : puffy foods , crispy rice , Potato Potato chips , Snacks , candy , pistachio , glucose , apple pieces , dumpling , chocolates , pet food , tiny products and so forth .

II.The main efficiency and structural function

*Shipped in PLC personal computer management program with individual-machine interface; touchscreen display is direct and simple-observing in operation;

*precise placement with servo film carrying program; outstanding total horizontal stretch wrapper machine efficiency and good packing;

* minimize the reduction with total automated advise security function;

* backed with metric product, the machine will instantly full all stretch wrapping packaging procedures from calculating,feeding and filling, bag ma

* The way of bag making: According to customers requirements the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag.