shrinking packaging brief intro

Shrink packaging technology is to comprehensively package the items through the shrink film, or the products that have been wrapped with the film can also be shrunk, that is, the product is naturally shaped after the film is shaped by passing through.


To achieve this shrinkage effect, the machine mainly has two processes. First of all, the film should be sealed and cut, and the excess film should be removed according to the size of the product. At the same time, the product obtained a film sleeve, also known as a sealed source. The unique welding mechanism cuts and sews the film. Then the product came in the second stage-shrinking. Shrinking requires a container, which is called a shrinking furnace. The product passes through the shrinking channel at a certain speed and comes out of the shrinking furnace to complete the shrinking. The shrinkage makes the fluffy film wrap smoothly and regularly around the product.

Therefore, shrinkage technology will increase the impact of packaging on sales to a clear position and role. The improvement of sales image can play an effective role in increasing potential customers. This is also the most practical function and existence essence of the contraction machine. Shrinkage technology helps the company lead the competition in product packaging. The high-quality and beautiful product appearance gives customers a clear, beautiful, clean, high-grade, solid product feel, which greatly stimulates the desire to buy.

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