Packing a product is to shrink.

Shrinking is to package a product covering with the film. Please do not misunderstand or doubt the word ‘shrinking’. Although it is called shrinking, it is not an effect on the product itself and not to shrink or damage the product, but refer to the packaging material of the product, the plastic film, which shrinks under a certain amount of heat. The benefits of this contraction can be found on our website

With the help of heating, the shrink film becomes more and more tight and can be tightly wrapped on the surface of the product. This is shrinkage, and this process occurs in the shrinking tunnel. See, shrinkage is acting on the film. Shrinkage and compression packaging appears in the form of the smallest area, which is unmatched by any other packaging method and has a pioneering significance.

The shrinking machine with two parts is a film covering and shrinking machine to achieve the purpose of shrinking.The shrinking machine has a mechanical film frame that makes the film unfold flatly and makes the product fit into the film perfectly. After cutting, there is a cut, called suture line. The next most important step of the machine is to enter the shrinking tunnel to shrink. A shrinking is completed.

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