Packaging Unit Automation of Shrinking

The urgency and necessity of packaging unit automation is common in the food production industry and also very obvious. Some eggs are placed in viol boxes in different states and it is difficult to repack them. If they are transported to the packaging machine by the conveyor line, the packaging machine needs to be put in line to prevent broken eggs. This packaging process can easily become extended, slender shortening the shelf life of eggs, not conducive to the quality of eggs

The essence of packaging unit automation is also reflected in the fine-tuning of the product’s feeding direction to enter the packaging machine. Some products appear different postures and arrival speeds after coming off the production line, which is easy to cause different packaging shapes. Whether it is a grouped product or a single product, you need to change the packaging direction to better enter the center of the shrink film. Automation technology can correct this problem to improve and accelerate the speed in the integrated pipeline.

The packaging unit automation is the expected work of the production line, and the labor used to package the product again is not included in the financial calculation project. The overall goal of employment is to control the system, and main function becomes to control and track. In this way, the labor in the packaging process is part of the potential value of the machine and even the wrong part.

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