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Packaging scheme for paper roll and blanket

Different packaging solutions for paper rolls and long object from FHOPE team.

Mainly 3 solutions for Full-automatic packing solutions suggested to you.

Solution 1: Automatic sealing and shrinking for full-size packaging.

Solution 2: Horizontal wrapping packing for roll with woven sheet and stretch film.

Solution 3: Full-automatic bagging packaging for rolls and carpet.

Fhope team specialized into packing solutions for different products and industries, whenever your company need packing solutions to improve product competitiveness, please feel free to contact FHOPE team.

orbital stretch wrapper stretch wrapping machine

Chrome pipe steel packing solution

FHOPE team mainly suggest you the following 3 different packing solutions for chrome steel pipes.

Solution 1: Horizontal Full-auto wrapping machine for tube bundle.

Solution 2: Full-auto bagging machine for tube bundle. 

Solution 3: Customizing Full-auto tube simple bagging&bundle making&film binding packaging line.


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Steel roll packing machine

he new version for the two packing material packing at the same time for steel roll coil packing.

The special point of the paper wrapping was marked for better understanding.

  • HMI for coil size setting and save in list for packing no. Choose.
  • Automatic paper length calculation and cutting.
  • Automatic cutter for paper cutting.
  • Paper roll fix next to the wrapping station fits for big size paper roll with longer total length that is to reduce the paper roll reloading.
  • Paper storage on the ring in wrapping and tension control by tension belt.

Fhope had many types two packing  material roll coil wrapping machine but in the plastic pipe industry.

Following video  is two packing material wrapping at the same time for referecne.        conveyor in&out feeding+ two materials wrapping (manual film tying)    conveyor in&out feeding+ automatic two materials wrapping.