Servo electric motor Horizonta pillow packing machine

Servo electric motor Horizonta stretch wrapper packing machine


This horizontal circulation wrapper is applicable for packing cushion pack of various dimension sound normal objects, including instant noodle,bread and biscuits, moon cake, commodity, hardware, candy, medicine and toys or loose product packed by container /tray, etc.


1. Innovative Pansonic PLC and Kinco vibrant Touch screen panel. Can easily established and alter packing parameters, show production info and personal-analytical machine problem may be seen right from the display.

2.Film and Back close off motivated by way of a 400W servo electric motor. merchandise end and conveyor seal motivated by a AC electric motor, pace adjustable by consistency Inverter. Film pace automatically synchronized with conveyor speed.

3. Conclusion close off jaw bone velocity adjustable by a hands wheel when handbag length alter.

4. All the parts are buit for easy cleaning and maintenance

5. yanking rims open by means of pneumatic switches, the sealing tires open up instantly at each machine cease.

6. Basic safety guards as necessary for European Legislation , Comply with CE authorized.

7. On all horizontal stretch wrapping machines is possible to set up: photocell for printed film, printer for day, line shaft for auto feeders, and so on..

Optional Parts:

1. Solid ink date computer code computer printer.

2. Securing jaw bone with hole punching product.


*Special size is accessible on request.


Capacity(bags/min.)As much as 100pc/min

Max. Film reel width: 400mm

Exterior film reel dia: 350mm

Max. package size: *100mm

Optimum. package size: *200mm

Minutes. Package size: *40mm

Max. package deal size: 550mm

Compressed atmosphere presure: 6bar

Power consumption: 2.5kw

Supply voltage: 400VAC*3 N 50HZ

Internet Weight: 460kg

Machine dimensions: 3050*1000*1550(mm)

CE Certificate for stretch wrapper


1.High-speed Fully Automatic Side Close off stretch wrapper Machine

2.CE Certification limit for product size


1. Continuous heated up sealing rotor blades is capable of doing consistently, which permits no restriction of item size and capacity as much as 60 totes per minute.

2. Automobile photocell infeed method gives both vertical and horizontal choices to suit numerous merchandise sizes.

3. Merchandise changeovers can be simply realized by hand tire changes, no components have to be replaced.

4. Machine generates an encased pack with sealing on 3 edges.

5. Applicable for other, PE and POF centre-folded shrink motion pictures, specifically for POF shrink film stretch wrapper.

6. Auto Waste Strip wind up style.

7. Motor-powered Infeed conveyor and totally free roller Outfeed conveyor are choices for totally auto program.


1. Kissing buckle(suitable for tiny,irregular item)

2. Printing Film Photo sensing unit

3. 1.5M Infeed conveyor

4. Auto Item Pusher

stretch wrapper Machine Standard Features:

1. The machine can automatically complete the products feeding, conveying and measuringfilling, bag and feeding creating, day code stamping, bag sealing and cutting.

2. Motor powered heat close off film tugging system.

3. High delicate fiber optic photo indicator can instantly trace color label correctly.

4. PLC control method along with touch screen, can certainly set may change the stretch wrapper variables. Every day production output and self-diagnostic machine mistake could be looked at directly from the display.

5. PID temperatures control watches heat sealing temperatures inside of /- 1Andordm;C

6. Automatic edge place management assures steady film alignment in the course of manufacturing to produce consistent handbag high quality.

7. With CE Certification

Necessary Measuring Filler:

1. Auger Screw Filler for Natural powder

2. Volumetric Cup Filler for Granule

3. Multi-brain weigher for Granule

4. Linear Weigher for Granule

5. Rotary Equipment Water pump for Fluid

6. Piston Pump motor for Liquid

orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine Functions and tips

orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine Application:

This orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine is ideal for deal with from drinking water-slim to high viscosity product, specifically for viscid and foaming item in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and beverage and biotechnology business.

orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine Functions:

1. Machine building in Stainless Steel #304.

2. Every rotary Lobe water pump is motivated by a person engine for top precision fluid satisfying.

3. PLC along with touch-screen control method. orbital stretch wrapper packaging quantity can easily be altered.

4. No alter components are essential for many different container dimensions.

5. Diving type orbital stretch wrapper packaging method helps prevent spillage during filling up.

6. No bottle, no orbital stretch wrapper packaging basic safety device.

7. 20 work memory space for quick remember.

8. You are able to pick a sort, B type or C sort for different orbital stretch wrapper packaging range.

orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machine Option:

1. Liquid Container Agitator

2. Warm Filling

3. Infeed and outfeed turn kitchen table

4. All get in touch with elements made of Stainless #316.

5. Basic safety Clear include for safe functioning dust and circumstance-resistant.

Sretch wrapper and price


无动力线 动力线 自动包装机 动力线 无动力线
2m 2m

1. 独特的张力调节机构:我们有一整套的张力调节系统,而不是单个的张力调节轴,相对于其他的包装机器,我们的机器包装张力均匀,更美观。特别对于使用纸作为包材,更需要很强的包装张力,否则包装好的产品在运输中会出现重叠部分移位,破口等影响防护效果。

2. 大板(机架主体):精细的大板加工工艺,使机器在高速运转状态下依然保持稳定,长期运作不变形。
3. 转环:双环轨道,使机器运转更加稳定。
4. 机器转速快:可达到60-70r/min.
5. 机器的配置采用国际知名品牌(如下供参考)
NO. DESCRIPTION BRAND for orbital stretch wrapper
1 PLC Siemens
2 Touch screen Siemens
2 Frequency converters Siemens
2 Motor Dongli/Jiemai
3 Sensor Autonics
4 Switch Schneider
5 Contactor Schneider

micro-personal computer auto horizontal packing machine

Horizontal packing machine :


1) PLC managementEnglish, man and -machine graphical user interface, operating simple and easy sustain .

2) Advanced photoelectric sensor monitoring system and servo engine move for accurate handbag width and position of film.

According to requirement , 3) versatile machine could make such as doy pack bag, unique bag could be designed.

4) Electronic digital heat controller for horizontal and vertical sealing, intuitive and accurate.

5) sanitary bundle to your item and perfect package appearance.

6) Easy and fast modification of transform above, sleek efficiency and lower noise Sensible safety unit and no air pollution during

creation to get Friendly functioning atmosphere

Technical Specifications:



Calculating range


measuring approach

Auger doser

handbag size

duration 80-220mm width60-180mm



Control type

PLC English language touch-screen



Power supply

AC 380V 50Hz

Atmosphere pressure


Excess weight

N.W.: 2300Kg



Case condition

3 or 4 area sealing

Various filling up products can meet to pack diverse materials like granule, liquid, sauce and powder etc

Several trend case designs, various closing designs and a number of satisfying method

Wide pouch type, one particular machine multiple packing

Swift, precise and sanitary packing for products as needed.

mini-personal computer automatic orbital stretch wrapper

he machine is used to pack abnormal foods , for puffed foods,MSG, salt,biscuits,beans,melons plant seeds,chocolate,and little particulate materials,and so on.


1.This can be a multi functionality and small-personal computer automatic orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine.

2. It may finish off the process, handbag developing, counting, filling, cutting and sealing etc.

3.This model equipped with foll coder which can print manufacturing time.

4. With barcode devices and sophisticated gadgets.

5. Manufacturing facility direct supply and competitive value for the selection.


It is granule orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine, packaging machine, seed products orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine suitable for orbital stretch wrapper packaging the pellet materials inside the feed, food and grain chemical business (As an example, wheat, corn, rice, kernel and grainysugar and seeds, wooden pellet, PE, PP and PVC and so on.).

Primary Structures:

1. Auto filling method

2. Auto evaluating harmony

3. Automatic belt conveyor

4. Automated sewing or sealing machine

5. Electric powered control cupboard

Moving Procedures:

Handbook Case placing

→Automatic filling up

→Automatic evaluating

→Automatic handbag conveying

→Automatic case sewing or closing

prevent losing orbital stretch wrapper packaging

Summarize: This auto orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine system is specialized in the powder (including milk products powder, espresso natural powder, seasoning, additive), including the rotary orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine and auger filler.

Work and characteristics

1. Very easy to run, follow advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, companion with touchscreen display and electric powered control method, the man-machine graphical user interface is friendly.

2. Automatic checking: No pouch or pouch open up problem, no fill, no seal. The bag may be used once more, prevent wasting orbital stretch wrapper packaging components and unprocessed materials.

3. Security gadget: Machine quit at abnormal air flow strain, water heater disconnection alarm.

4. The thickness in the bags could be altered by electric powered motor. Click the management-option could adjust the thickness of clips, effortlessly operate, and unprocessed materials.

5. The part exactly where touch towards the material is made of stainless.

Principal technical guidelines pouch substance laminated film\PE\PP etc.

Pouch design stand-up, smooth

Pouch size w: 100-210mm l: 100-350mm

(could be customized in your calculate)

Filling range 10-500g (the attach attachment will be altered)

10-5000g (the attach accessory is to be changed)

Weigher precision bundle excess weight ≤ 100g, with an error≤ ± 2Per cent 100 _ 500g, having an error≤ ± 1Per cent

≥ 500g, with an error≤ ± .5Percent

Pace 10-60pouches/minutes(the pace depends upon the product status and filling bodyweight)

Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz

Total strength 4.5kw

Compress air for each .6 cubic meters ( offered by the user)

Notice: Based on parameters like bag sort, handbag dimensions to choose various kinds of packaging machine.

This automated orbital stretch wrapper

This auto orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine system is focused on the Massiveness, like chocolate, nut, currant and peanut melons seeds, chocolate, pip and cracker this machine consists of the rotary orbital stretch wrapper packaging machine, Multi-brain Weigher, Bucket Lift and Functioning System.

Functionality and qualities:

1.Very easy to work,adopt sophisticated PLC from Germany Siemens,mate with touch screen and electric manage program,the person-machine interface is friendly.

2.Automatic examining: no pouch or pouch open up problem,no fill,no seal off.the bag may be used again,avoid losing orbital stretch wrapper packaging supplies and unprocessed supplies.

3.Safty product: Machine quit at irregular atmosphere pressure,heating unit disconnection security alarm.

4. The thickness in the totes may be adjusted by electric engine.Press the management-option could adjust the thickness of all the clips,easily operate, and unprocessed supplies.

5.The portion in which feel towards the materials is made from stainless-steel.


Pouch materials Laminated film\PE\PP and so forth.

Pouch pattern Stay-up, stay-up And zipper, spout, flat

Pouch dimension W: 100-210mm L: 100-350mm(may be personalized to your measure)

Satisfying variety 10-1000g (could be personalized to your determine)

Weigher accuracy and reliability ±0.5-1.5g

Pace ≤50pouches/min(The speed is dependent upon the item standing and satisfying bodyweight)

Total power 5.5KW

Voltage 380V 3phase 50HZ/60HZ

Compress air .6m3/min(supply by end user)

Discover: Based upon guidelines including case type, bag sizes to choose various kinds of packaging machine.

Merchandise Method:

1. Providing pouch

2. Coding date

3. Open up pouch

4. Filling and vibarating

5. Sealing

6. Neaten and productivity packages

Appropriate for the wrap packaging

Applicable for the packaging of candy, bread and cakes snack food items and many different other essential items packaging folding and clipping. Packaging for your fan-beautiful, shape and luxury.

The ZK-200 Fan-form pc cutting machine is magnificently designed, that features a small location, simple to shift, use only compress atmosphere to get, and lots of other features.

Technological variables

Pressure: .5PM/cm2

Packaging capacity: ≤40r. P. M

Package deal dimensions: Width≤200mm

Kink band thickness: 4mm(or 8mm)PET or Pvc material

Equipment dimension: 550*520*550mm

Devices bodyweight: 68kgs

Incredibly effective, substantial energy, low noises, very easy to maintain, and contains long life period.

Curler temperature sealing, four part seal off, high speed multi-lane orbital stretch wrapper packaging, with totes approaching smoothly and great, high orbital stretch wrapper packaging performance.

Very easy to change, accurate in dimension, needs a easy treatment for pouch length realignment without having altering the form. Capabilities could be regulated for longitudinal closing, transverse sealing, filling, degree reducing, longitudinal cutting, bone fracture line producing, and transverse slicing with the innovative modern technology of our own guy-machine interface.

Accurate in web page correcting, automated counting, photoelectric monitoring product is adopted to be sure the auto fixing of double encounter publishing design on the orbital stretch wrapper packaging hand bags, precise in keeping track of.

It provides trustworthy performance, convenient to run and very automated. A PLC is used for automated control and a regularity changer helps make velocity adjusting even easier.

Applicable to a wide range of use, Suitable for a lot of the intricate film orbital stretch wrapper packaging substance.


It is actually Ideal for orbital stretch wrapper packaging granule supplies in the pharmacy, food and agriculture and everyday sectors. Including soup, coffee, sugar, salt, seeds and oatmeal instant drinks etc.

Primary technological parameter: Cool water group (self-provided)

Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC control for packing machine

orbital stretch wrapper packaging Machinery, operated by Professional Mach, will showcase on the 26th Area of expertise Coffee Organization Exposition, April 25-27 in Seattle, 3 of their most widely used orbital stretch wrapper packaging machines for the coffee business, the Elete and Mercury HS form-load-seal machines and also the Inever stickpack machine. These a few automated orbital stretch wrapper packaging machines will help coffee organizations of any size and personal demands boost up-time, reduce squander, and improve the general effectiveness from the orbital stretch wrapper packaging functioning. (Matrix Presentation space # 13101)

The Elete is the ideal machine for those espresso companies moving approximately automation or looking for the best improvement for the automatic packing they at present use. This is Matrix’s primary machine for increasing businesses on lean automation financial budgets.

There are a number of Elete designs with an array of choices. The machine exhibited in Seattle includes a fill up rate as much as 120 fractional provides or as much as 40 smooth bottom part hand bags a minute. Bag dimensions range from no less than 3 by 2.5 ins to a maximum of 13 by 15 ins. This device also has a tough stainless frame, Matrix Wise Jaw bone ST securing system, automatic web edge information film keeping track of method, device free of charge film roll and developing hose changeover, nationally available Allen-Bradley management elements, and a lot more. The Elete works with a range of fillers and Matrix can provide help with which fillers are ideal to get a customer’s surroundings.

The moderately listed Mercury HS will be the highest offering Matrix type-fill-seal off machine because of its speed, reliability, and low once-a-year running price – lower than $1,000 annually. The Mercury HS forms, fills, and closes bags with widths which range from 1.75 to 11 inches and lengths from 2.5 to 15.00 in .. Regular characteristics include stainless-steel building, Matrix “SmartJaw” Saint horizontal sealing modern technology, colour touch-screen operator panel, The english language/Spanish language user user interface, and an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC manage program. When compared with other high speed machines, the Mercury includes a small footprint, which helps to save useful floor area.

Each Mercury HS provides a self-centering film drive straight down system, auto advantage guide film tracking, and brief travel, angled incline film upwind, all of which play a role in exact film movement and trouble totally free functioning. Instrument-totally free fast-transform primary chucks support

Thecompact and modular, and powerful Inever BY300 multilane stickpack machine is ideal for lower-to-medium creation of quality stickpack closes of dosing granules, powders, liquids and solids and pastes with little purchase needed. Production varies from 150 stickpacks a minute for a 3-lane procedure to 350 a minute with several lanes. Widths range from 1.8 inches for 3-lane functioning to .67 in . for 7 lanes. Measures range from 1.18 ins to 8 in ..