What is shrinking package?

Since the development of human society, there are all kinds of packaging methods. From the ancient plant leaf packaging or naked packaging, to paper wrap and then to the emergence of chemical materials, the change in packaging method is a history of human technological advancement. Today, shrink packaging has developed into the most significant and most popular packaging method. The characteristics of high quality, cheapness and strong applicability have become the brightest star in the packaging field. Therefore, shrinkage is suitable for almost all uses, and the products that can be wrapped are diverse. It goes without saying that shrink packaging occupies an important and significant part in industrial production. The shrink machine is simple in design and compact in appearance, so the space used is also the smallest, it occupies a smaller area and is more suitable for workshops and commercial places. It can be used for other economic activities and production activities save more activity space.

What’s common packing material in shrinking?

Mainly PVC, POF shrinking material. The operator should choose the correct film to maximize the packaging efficiency of the shrink machine. Generally, PVC wrap is most common used and cheaper than POF wrap as packing material cost, which it’s available for purchasing in the market nearby and easily found online.

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Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (B)

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In the previous post, L-Bar shrinking machine was introduced. This time we continue to talk about how to choose the correct shrinking machine. Side seal shrinking machine has unparalleled advantages of the L-Bar shrinking machine, which is called the most advanced shrinking machine.

Side seal shrinking machine,

The same as the forming mechanism of the L-Bar telescopic machine, one side of the film is folded by the forming machine and the other three sides are open, which needs to pass through the cutting knife to form a closed bag. The cutting knife structure of the sealing machine is unique. The vertical blades of the upper and lower movable parts are fixed on the machine and are not movable parts. The film is carried out by rollers. The length of the product is not limited. Continuous cutting is completed by the horizontal knife.

The continuous operation of the cutter system closely cooperates with the speed of the product conveyor line, and the continuous cutter movement is completed during continuous transportation, which increases the degree of automation.

Therefore, the limit of the length of the product that the side sealing machine does not convey has more practical mechanical significance and value. In addition to selecting the correct shrink machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct shrink film. There are two main points: an appropriate film size, and the quality of the film. Both through continuous cutting, and adaptation to the shrink tunnel

The correct machine and the correct film selection can exert the maximum energy and utilization rate of the shrinking machine.

Shrinking machine : how to choose right the film and machine (A)

For machine users, choosing right shrinking material and right machine, is the most important.

After all, the purchase of machinery is not a small expense. The packaging machine is self-evident for the final circulation of the entire product and the value obtained. The correct machine can bring good long-term profits and company image. Bringing in incorrect shrinking machine, is inconvenient for operation and poor user experience, even sometimes it is not possible to use products that are not equipped with oneself, resulting in a waste of resources and an increase in operating costs.


We can use an experiment to illustrate the use of two different shrinking methods.

One method, L-Bar shrinking

Another method, Side sealing

L-Bar shrinking machine,

Before automatic running, it needs to close one side film manual to form a sewing, while adjacent side folded by the film frame. The other two sides will be cutting by L-Bar mechanical structure to close the film for a full bag. One bag finishes, next product has a sewing side naturally, and L-shaped cutter resume automatically waiting for next welding. This process is constant circulation. This is the working principle and action principle of L-Bar jaw.

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Packing a product is to shrink.

Shrinking is to package a product covering with the film. Please do not misunderstand or doubt the word ‘shrinking’. Although it is called shrinking, it is not an effect on the product itself and not to shrink or damage the product, but refer to the packaging material of the product, the plastic film, which shrinks under a certain amount of heat. The benefits of this contraction can be found on our website www.fhopepack.com.

With the help of heating, the shrink film becomes more and more tight and can be tightly wrapped on the surface of the product. This is shrinkage, and this process occurs in the shrinking tunnel. See, shrinkage is acting on the film. Shrinkage and compression packaging appears in the form of the smallest area, which is unmatched by any other packaging method and has a pioneering significance.

The shrinking machine with two parts is a film covering and shrinking machine to achieve the purpose of shrinking.The shrinking machine has a mechanical film frame that makes the film unfold flatly and makes the product fit into the film perfectly. After cutting, there is a cut, called suture line. The next most important step of the machine is to enter the shrinking tunnel to shrink. A shrinking is completed.

What benefits will you get from Shrinking machine? (B)

In the last blog, we mentioned the benefits that many shrinking machines can bring to business operators. This time we continue to talk about this topic.

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-Because the film surface is flat and transparent shrinking machine can make the film more flat after shrinking, to make the package look more beautiful and increasing the appearance of the product.

-Because of the above benefit, it is available for sticky labels on the product, clear and stable, no abrasion during transportation and not stained to the product. These are more advantageous and safer than other labels (like paper, etc.).

-For transparent feature of shrinking film, it’s great role of company’s catalog, caution, instruction, ad and other graphics to print on the film if it is needed.

-Transparent appearance is to make product catch the eye of clients, provide visual effect of the product’s shape.

-Once the product is produced, it enters the shrinking process because it can keep the product in its original state and keep it as fresh as possible, especially for some foods. The role of moisturizing is particularly important for fruits and vegetables.

-For promotions of some company’s needs, grouping is a common sales market. To make products together, shrinking can help marketing more.

The most most most important function of shrink products is that they are easier to take. It’s a great comfortable sensation getting from the skin touch with the film.

What benefits will you get from Shrinking machine? (A)

Many factories take shrinking machine into workshop plan and career blueprint. So what profit can it bring to the product, company and the market? To make clear for some wait-and-see business owners, today we will talk about the benefits of the shrinking machine.

-For product surface, to make sure the product keep clean, no water permeating, moisture proof, and effective separation of dust, and no friction and collision between products, and other threats.

-The shrink seal is not easy cracking, which ensure the lifetime protection of the product before remove the package. It’s a kind of permanent protection to product.

-Shrinking is a smallest package way, but also can make a package to be more complete and larger. The film adheres to the surface of the product, removes the extra space, minimizes the packaging area of a single product, and then it will pack more products in a limited space. In this sense, it is a larger package.

-Some customers may encounter a situation where the product is used for secondary sales, that is, used goods are sold as new goods. Shrinking package will avoid a product from resale or redistribution. This helps the factory to protect the credibility of its products.

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